Msxii audio "Sammich Kit 8" Drums on obesity

One of the questions I get the most is "man where do you get your drums?!" My answer usually varies depending on the track they are speaking in refernce to, but I have noticed that one common denominator has become my guys at MSXII. Its crazy how things become muscle memory even in creating music. I almost always find myself heading to my folder and subfolders of drums from them. The Sammich Kit 8 Just released Friday and I already hear how I will be using it in my production. 


When I am creating music, I want to do just that. CREATE MUSIC. These drums dont require much processing, so it makes it very easy to dedicate my time to creating rather than compressing this or blah blah blah to that. Take a listen for yourself and then head over to and thank me later.

Justen Williams