A better me

As things continue to develop and progress in my career, one thing that I have learned about myself is that I stopped accepting losses. Call me crazy, but I really believe that in life, there is no such thing as losses (unless your the Cavs during the first 2 games of the finals.... Then there is definitely such thing as losses){Fyi I am a big Cavs fan so this hurts me deeply} 

Anyway,  I have developed this thought process that there is still a W Or an L that you will take, but I have substituted the "Loss" for "Lesson". To me, a loss is defeat... Its over, no coming back. With lessons however, you grow and you learn from that expierence, and if approached correctly, you come out better, wiser, better, stronger, and other descriptive words that end in "er:


I hope this helps someone the way its helped me. If not at least now you know I like the Cavs.


God bless

Justen Williams