When I got introduced to music making software, I was on a broken laptop, with a “hacked version” of reason 3.0. I have tried, logic, studio one, Maschine, Abelton, and pretty much anything else used to make music digitally. What I have learned is, its more about the user than it is the tools. I get into the discussion often about why I still use Reason, or how I am wasting my time using an antiquated software(Obviously this flack is coming from producers who use software outside of Reason). My thing is this, if you give 3 skilled barbers the exact same clippers, I guarantee you will get 3 different haircuts. Its more about the user than the tools…. With that being said, Reason is the fastest and most efficient way for me to get my ideas out. I have the attention span of a 4 year old, so whats most important for me is to get these ideas in my head out before the next one pops in. Reason is the best canvas for me to do so.  With that being said, check out this video of me using Reason only to construct an entire beat.



Justen Williams