This was one of the funnest beats I have made.

I made this beat in my apartment right before it was time to get married. I was living by myself, first time living alone, and all I did was go to work, and come home and make beats… One day, I was sitting in my cubicle thinking about what I was going to do when I got off work…. I had my iPod on and a Rodger Troutman song came on. I heard the talkbox and instantly go inspired. I remembered that Parsec had just come out and had some Vocoder capabilities…. I went home did some research on routing and what not… and eventually I got it figured out!

The end result was super creative, and innovative for my production at the time, and that is what I always strive for. To push the bar and just be a little better than I was previously.

This video wound up being featured in the quarterly news letter that Propellerhead sends out which caused the views to skyrocket!


As usual, I did this entire production using Reason 7



Justen Williams