What Matters most

Of all the things that happen in the world, the ups, the downs, and everything in between. Nothing keeps life in perspective more than family. 2 of the People I love the most recently celebrated birthdays over the last few weeks. As happy as I am to celebrate their birthday, its an even better feelings being around my family, and the rest of the people that I love the most celebrate along with me.  My mom, who has been a huge staple in my road to success , celebrated her birthday at the end of October. My wife, sister and dad were there to celebrate along with some other friends. Its something special about being surrounded by love ones celebrating the lives of other loved ones. I always leave inspired and motivated. My nephew turned 2 yesterday, and seeing all the joy in his life and how he interacts with everyone now is amazing to me. I don't have any kids yet, but the bond that I share with him always reminds me to be the person I need to be and set the example for him in how I live my life, and treat other people. Of all things in the world, there


Family - Where life begins, and love Never ends

Justen Williams