New Chapter

In 2014, I decided to make the leap of faith in quit my full time job in an effort to pursue music full time. In making that decision, I still needed to have a means of providing for my wife and I. As much as I enjoy making money, I enjoy my time even more. In quitting my job, I new taking a part time job would allow me more time to build the foundation and platform to eventually allow myself to go all out creative entrepreneur. Long story short, I left my full time job, and took a part time job at T-mobile. As a company and work experience, it was a HUGE step in the right direction for me, but not what I wanted to do. So while I was working there, I budgeted my new found "free time" and allocated a bunch of hours to perfecting my craft and branding myself better by putting out more and more content. IT WORKED. Last month, I left the good ole' Magenta colored T-Mobile, because I was offered and accepted a job with Notes for Notes. A nonprofit organization that partners with the boys and girls club. Within that partnership, the organization builds fully functioning recording studios and allow kids, and teens to come in and express themselves creatively. my "job" is to instruct, and help these kids express themselves. My workplace is a studio, on and off the clock. Its a double win for me because not only am I doing something with music at all times now, but even more importantly my gifts and talents are being used to have a positive impact on the next generation. Win Win! 



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Justen Williams