"Do More"

New Orleans native, Justen Williams was introduced to music at the young age of 10. He began playing drums for his church choir and took to learning new instruments from anyone who would teach him.  Justen’s exposure to different genres of music lead to a fascination with understanding sounds and how music could create feeling in its listeners. Williams’ foundation as an instrumentalist and appreciation of musicianship has created a recipe for a budding career as a Music Producer. Notable accomplishments include scoring work with HBO, NFL Films, Ford Motor Company and producing the viral record “Sallie Mae Back” with RCA Records Dee-1.  He is a Brand Ambassador for Propellerhead Software, where he Promotes and showcases production techniques Via YouTube. Justen’s diversity and adaptability separates him from others in the music industry. He enjoys getting to know each artist and using his abilities to bring their ideas to fruition. Justen Williams is an innovator of sound and a prides himself on creative uniqueness, gathering inspiration from anywhere and everyday noises. With his creative outlook on music and innovation of sound Williams is sure to make his mark on the music industry.